SEAN HANNITY: Biden is proposing tight gun regulations, yet his son Hunter is on trial for gun crimes

Fox News host Sean Hannity says the evidence against Hunter Biden is overwhelming on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Count one accuses Hunter of lying on an ATF form when purchasing a gun, swearing that he was not addicted to drugs. Count two accuses Hunter of lying to the gun dealer. Count three alleges that Hunter illegally possessed the gun while addicted to drugs or actively using drugs. 


The evidence seems to be overwhelming, based on evidence from the trial. One day after buying the gun, Hunter texted his girlfriend he was waiting for his dealer. The next day, Hunter texted his girlfriend he is smoking crack. So, let’s be clear, these allegations are not a joke. 

Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, don’t they love to lecture you about gun control? In fact, President Biden is now proposing tighter regulations surrounding lawful gun ownership and steep penalties for anyone who dares to step out of line and yet his own son is on trial for gun crimes. 

This post was shared from Fox News.

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